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Flyers are used for three basic purposes. First, to inform the public of what products or services you sell. Secondly to give customers, who already know of you, the latest information about new products and special offers on the sales. Thirdly to draw feet to your store out of interest and curiosity about your existence and what you have to offer, compared with other similar stores. All three, of course, are aimed at improving sales figures.

Printing and distributing flyers is widely considered to be a very cost effective mass marketing tool. If your flyers are attractive and, most importantly, effectively distributed, you can reach literally thousands of people at a comparatively low cost outlay. You may decide to draw up and print your own flyers or you may choose to have them professionally done for you.

One way you can print your own flyers is to buy and / or download templates from one of the many websites that supply them. There are a huge variety and many are very attractive indeed. You just pick one suited to your purpose, fill in your own wording and other details and print them. When it comes to wording, remember the less there is to read, the more likely your pamphlets will be read! The words should jump out at you, and the message should be very concise and to the point. You do, however, run the risk that you may not produce something totally unique.

Another option is to create your own advertisements from scratch, with your own distinctive colours, logo, symbols or pictures. All kinds of business flyer software are available and are extremely flexible. This is ideal if you are really creative, understand the programme, and know exactly what you want.

If you don't have complete confidence in your own creative abilities, you could consider hiring a professional artist or a professional photographer. Sometimes both are used, such as when photographs are cartoonized, enhanced or altered to look like hand painted or drawn. People trained in the advertising professions usually know what the impact will be of all the different mediums and art styles they have at their disposal, as well as the best lettering and language styles to use. Most importantly, they understand the psychological impact of different approaches on your potential customers. They know what attracts and what repels different population target groups. You will have to work and communicate very closely with your artist and / or photographer, so they understand exactly what your product or service is and what types of people you are trying to reach. It will make a big difference to their approach to know the age group, health, gender, economic sector, educational levels, cultural types, hobbies, sports or other special interest groups they are aiming at. They also need to know whether you are broadly promoting a wide range of products and services or whether you want to zero in on one or two in particular. This will also help to create a specific offer if you wish for your flyer.

Almost every business will need to arrange some sort of business printing to promote their products or services. We recently have some business flyer printing for a promotion we were running.

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Business Printing – Flyers

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This article was published on 2010/11/23